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First Name Last Name E-mail Telephone Institutionsort descending Area of Expertise Address 1 Address 2 City State ZIP
Neil Zakai 802-656-3154 University of Vermont Department of Medicine C-reactive protein (CRP) 208 South Park Drive, Suite 2 Colchester Vermont 5466
Jonas Carson 206-897-1970 CHSCC software development 6200 NE 74th St. Building 29, Office 350B Seattle Washington 98115
William Tressel CHSCC biostatistics, Statistical methods, statistical modeling, statistical testing, statistics N/A
Zach Drager 206-897-1930 CHSCC testing N/A
Laith Alshawabkeh University of Iowa Geriatric Cardiology 200 Hawkins Drive Iowa City Iowa 52242
Diana Jalal 720-425-4154 University of Iowa chronic kidney disease Nephrology Division Iowa City Iowa 52242
Qi Zheng 2034079423 Albert Einstein College of Medicine / Montefiore Medical Center cardiology 3450 Wayne Ave Apt 20C Bronx New York 10467
Anna Bortnick 718-904-3457 Albert Einstein College of Medicine / Montefiore Medical Center aortic valve disease, cardiology, interventional cardiology, lipid metabolism Jack D. Weiler Hospital 1825 Eastchester Road Bronx New York 10461
Joao Daniel Fontes Albert Einstein College of Medicine / Montefiore Medical Center biomarkers, cardiac imaging, cardiovascular disease (CVD), Cardiovascular Genetics, epidemiology N/A
Paulo H. M. Chaves 305-348-0613 Benjamin Leon Center for Geriatric Research and Educations frailty, Geriatrics, mobility disability, physical disability Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine Florida International University Miami Florida 33199
jessica patel Benjamin Leon Center for Geriatric Research and Educations 1000 genomes imputation londan londan Colorado 93536
Farbod Raiszadeh Montefiore Medical Center atrial fibrillation, Cardiac arrhythmia, dyslipidemia, Electrocardiology N/A
Christina Wee 617-754-1402 BIDMC African-Americans, health disparities, health services research, healthcare utilization, obesity, preventive health behavior, QOL 330 Brookline Ave Boston Massachusetts 02215
Katherine Joyce BIDMC endocrine 330 Brookline Ave Boston Massachusetts 02215
Martin Pollak BIDMC genetic studies, genetic variants, genetic variation, Genetics, kidney disease, whole-genome analysis 99 Brookline Ave Boston Massachusetts 02215
Christos Mantzoros BIDMC adiponectin N/A
Olivier Beauchet (+1) 514-340-8222, # 4765 McGill University 25(OH)D, age-related changes, Aged--80 and over, cognition, gait, Geriatric medicine 3755 chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine Montreal N/A
Suurya Krishnan 3067413066 McGill University chronic lower respiratory disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease N/A
Sathya Karunananthan McGill University frailty, Physical function 1025 ave des pins ouest #P2.028 Montreal, PQ N/A
James Meigs partners diabetes N/A
Katy Rahilly-Tierney CRAHILLY-TIERNEY@PARTNERS.ORG partners diabetes N/A
Judith Volcy 404 932 3556 partners Cardiovascular Prevention, clinical epidemiology; nutrition; heart failure, clinical practice guidelines, cognition function, Colorectal Cancer Prevention, COMMUNITY-DWELLING ELDERLY, comorbidities, disease management, disparity, ethnicity; diversity; prevention; cardiovascular;, general internal medicine, health disparities, health equity, health outcomes, health outcomes research, health promotion, Primary prevention, race/ethnicity, racial differences, social determinants of health, SOCIAL FACTORS, social network, socioeconomic, socioeconomic disparities, socioeconomic factors, SOCIOECONOMIC INDICATORS, Socioeconomic Status, stressful life events Department of Medicine 720 Westview Drive, SW Atlanta Georgia 30310
Yanning Xu Erasmus Medical Center thryoid, thyroid, thyroid auto-immunity, Thyroid disease, Thyroid function, Thyroid hormones, thyroid medication, thyroid status, thyroid-stimulating hormone N/A
Layal Chaker Erasmus Medical Center Thyroid function Dr. Molewaterplein 50-60 Rotterdam N/A 3015 GE
Laura Carbone UTHSC BONE DENSITY, bone loss, bone mass density, Bone mineral content, Bone Mineral Density, bone remodeling N/A