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First Name Last Namesort descending E-mail Telephone Institution Area of Expertise Address 1 Address 2 City State ZIP
Laith Alshawabkeh University of Iowa Geriatric Cardiology 200 Hawkins Drive Iowa City Iowa 52242
Afnan Alswyan University of Washington Aging, competing risk methods, construct validation, development, health disparities, health related quality of life (HRQL), hospitalization, latent variable models, Measurement, Models–Theoretical, predictive model, Psychosocial risk factors, recovery, social determinants of health, statistical modeling Washington
Heba Alwan University of Bern cardiometabolic disease, cardiometabolic risk factors, diabetes, Thyroid disease Mittelstrasse 43 Bern N/A 3012
Melissa Anderson 206-287-2647 Group Health Center for Health Studies 1730 Minor Ave., Ste. 1600 Seattle Washington 98101
Tim Anderson Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Aging N/A
Ryan Andrews Johns Hopkins University AD, biological aging, biostatistics, Brain infarcts, Cerebrovascular risk factors, cognition function, cognitive aging, Cognitive Change, cognitive decline, cognitive functioning, dementia, Epidemiologic methods, Epidemiology of Aging, exercise in elderly, exercise intensity, gerontology, heterogeneity of treatment effect, hippocampus, Incident Dementia, informative observation times, linear regression, LOAD – late onset Alzheimer’s disease, logistic regression, longitudinal methods, longitudinal models, longitudinal observational data, longitudinal trajectories, Measurement error, mechanisms, mediation, Mediator, Mental health, methodology, methods, Mild Cognitive Impairment, misclassification, mismeasured variables, missing covariates, missing data, Models–Theoretical, nested case-control study, neuroepidemiology, neurological diseases, neuropsychological test performance, neuropsychology, Odds Ratio, older adult, older adults, older persons, Poisson regression, Post-doctoral research fellow, regression, selection bias, simulation, simulation study, Statistical methods, statistical modeling, statistics, Survival, survival analysis, survival models, time dependent variables, time-to-event regression N/A
Chino Aneke 7187303610 Albert Einstein College of Medicine diabetes, insulin-like growth factors 1945 Eastchester rd 6A Bronx New York 10461
Kaarin Anstey +61 2 412935746 University of New South Wales (SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA) 3MSE, AAA, age-related changes, Alzheimer Disease, epidemiology Matthews Building UNSW Sydney, Kensington Sydney N/A 2032
Duke Appiah 612 626 5458 University of Minnesota cardiovascular disease epidemiology Division of Epidemiology and Community Health 1300 S 2nd St. Minneapolis Minnesota 55454
Lenore Arab UCLA neurology David Geffen School of Medicine 12-262 Factor Bldg Los Angeles California 90095
Abraham A. Ariyo 972-223-0550 Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Intervention cardiovascular disease (CVD) Medical Center at Lancaster, Lancaster, TX 2411 Poinciana Place Dallas Texas 75212
Dan Arking Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Genetics McKusick - Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine Broadway Research Building, Baltimore Maryland 21205
Nicole Armstrong Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health cognitive aging, dementia Center on Aging and Health 2024 E. Monument Street, Suite 2-700 Baltimore Maryland 21205
Ramy Arnaout Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center N/A
Alice Arnold 206-897-1901 University of Washington biostatistics Building 29, Suite 310 6200 NE 74th Street Seattle Washington 98115
Sarah Aroner Harvard School of Public Health apolipoprotein, Breast cancer, cardiovascular disease epidemiology, diabetes, epidemiology, fetuin-A, High-density lipoprotein (HDL), MESA, observational studies, Prospective Studies N/A
Pankaj Arora University of Alabama at Birmingham amino-terminal B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP), ANP, anti-hypertensive medication, Anti-Hypertensive Therapy, cardiac biomarkers, GWAS, GWAS meta-analysis, heart failure, heart failure outcomes, Heart failure phenotype. HFpeF, heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, heart failure; genetics, heart failure; GWAS; multiomics; electrical dyssynchrony; global electrical heterogeneity N/A
Folkert W. Asselbergs +31 887553358 University Medical Center Utrecht Department of Cardiology, Division Heart & Lungs 3508 GA Utrecht, Room E03.511 The Netherlands
Bjorn Olav Asvold +47 92466240 Norwegian University of Science and Technology subclinical hypothyroidism Postboks 8905 Trondheim N/A N-7491
Gil Atzmon Albert Einstein College of Medicine Age, Aged--80 and over, Aging, DNA methylation, DNA sequence, endocrinology, gene, Gene Association, genes, genetic, genetic association, genetic association study, genetic variants, genetic variation, Genetics, genome data, Genome-wide analysis, genome-wide association, genome-wide association analysis, genome-wide association study, Genome-wide Methylation Association Study, genome-wide variation, GWAS, GWAS meta-analysis, Telomere, telomere length 1300 Morris Park Ave Bronx New York 10461
David Au University of Washington lung VA Puget Sound Health Care System 1660 Columbian Way Seattle Washington 98108
Carole Elodie Aubert 0041326320068 CHS research fracture risk Freiburgstrasse Bern N/A 3010
Gerard Aurigemma 508-856-2919 University of Massachusetts Medical School Cardiology Division Worcester Massachusetts 1655
Thomas Austin 206-221-8076 University of Washington atrial fibrillation 1730 Minor Ave Suite 1360 Seattle Washington 98101
Mark Avdalovic University of California, Davis lung 4150 V. Street Sacramento California 95817