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First Name Last Name E-mail Telephone Institutionsort descending Area of Expertise Address 1 Address 2 City State ZIP
Allen Tong UC Davis Internal Medicine PSSb 2400 4150 V Street Sacramento California 95817
Lorien Dalrymple UC Davis renal N/A
Kelly Fujikawa UC Davis Aging N/A
Flora Chang UC Davis Geriatric medicine, Geriatrics N/A
Mary Misquez 916 734-4637 UC Davis CHS, CHS All Stars 2000 Stockton Blvd suite 100 Sacramento California 95817
Alanna Chamberlain Mayo 1300 S. 2nd St, Suite 300 Minneapolis Minnesota 55454
Elizabeth Bell Mayo cardiovascular disease epidemiology Minneapolis Minnesota
Shannon Dunlay Mayo N/A
Amy Kelley Icahn School of Medicine N/A
Cellas Hayes Stanford Aging, Alzheimer's diseae, alzheimers disease; risk factors; transition probabilities; progression, Alzheimer’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease related dementias (AD/ADRD), Cerebral small vessel disease; Endothelial function; Albuminuria; neurofilament lightchain, Cerebrovascular disease (CBD), Cerebrovascular disorders, cerebrovascular pathology, Cerebrovascular risk factors N/A
Hoda Abdel Magid 5103046341 Stanford cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease (CVD), cardiovascular disease epidemiology, cardiovascular disease risk factors, case definition, case-control study, Coronary Heart Disease Risk, cross-sectional study, CV Epidemiology, Databases, datasets, demographics, drug utilization, Environmental epidemiology, environmental exposure, environmental tobacco smoke, Epidemiologic methods, epidemiological studies, epidemiology, exercise, health behaviors, health care utilization, health changes, health conditions, health disparities, health economics, health equity, health outcomes, health outcomes research, Health Services, multi-ethnic, multiple imputation, multivariate, neighborhood, neighborhood diet environment, neighborhood environment, Neighborhood socioeconomic status, neighborhoods, nested case-control study, neuroepidemiology, obesity, observational studies, occupation, Odds Ratio, outcomes, outcomes research, physical activity, physical fitness, quality of life (QOL), race, race/ethnicity, racial differences, risk assessment, risk factor, risk factor awareness, risk factor control, risk factor treatment, risk factors, Risk model, risk prediction, risk predictors, risk score, risk score analysis, Risk Selection, risk stratification, social determinants of health, SOCIAL FACTORS, social isolation, social network, social networks, SOCIAL SUPPORT, socioeconomic, socioeconomic factors, SOCIOECONOMIC INDICATORS, Socioeconomic status (SES), women, Women's Health 258 Campus Drive HRP Redwood Building T258 Stanford California 94305
Annabel Xulin Tan 650-723-6910 Stanford Aging, cardiovascular disease (CVD), cardiovascular disease epidemiology, Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS), hypertension 259 Campus Drive T254B Stanford California 94305
Mintu Turakhia Stanford N/A
Sylvie Dobrota Stanford epidemiology N/A
Michelle Odden 650-721-0230 Stanford Aged, Aged--80 and over, cardiovascular, chronic kidney disease, methods, Physical function HRP Redwood Building 150 Governor's Lane Stanford California 94305
Robert Rusher Johns Hopkins Medicine N/A
Morgan Grams JHMI ckd, CKD-PC, clinical epidemiology N/A
Thomas Davidson 3143994116 Washington University in Saint Louis apnea, dementia, OSA, OSA 1621 North Geyer Rd Saint Louis Missouri 63131
Maryam Rafaqat Hussain 832-871-8735 Washington University in Saint Louis Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS), coronary artery bypass graft, coronary heart disease (CHD) 4550 Scott Ave Saint Louis Missouri 63110
Edward Coverstone Washington University in Saint Louis Cardiovascular Genetics N/A
Yo-El Ju Washington University in Saint Louis Alzheimer’s disease, neurology, obstructive sleep apnea, sleep, sleep apnea, sleep apnea symptoms, sleep deficiency, sleep deprivation, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Sleep disorders, sleep disturbances, sleep disturbances and incident dementia, sleep duration, sleep stability, Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB), sleepiness N/A
Matthew Budoff 3102224107 Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute atherosclerosis, CAC, coronary events 1124 W Carson Street Torrance California 90502
Kent Taylor 310-561-0612 Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute coronary artery calcium, coronary artery disease, coronary atherosclerosis, coronary calcification, Cox Proportional Hazards, Cox regression, CVD events, data reduction, Databases, datasets, dbGaP, deep learning, diabetes, DNA methylation, DNA sequence, epigenomics, eQTL, ethnicity; diversity; prevention; cardiovascular;, exome chip, fasting glucose, fasting insulin, Fine-Gray method, Framingham risk scale, gene expression, Genetic analysis of cardiovascular-related traits, genetic factors (primary to CHS), genome wide association study, genotypes, glucose homeostasis, GWAS, hazard ratio, heart failure, heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, heart failure; genetics, HOMA-B, HOMA-IR, impaired fasting glucose, incident CVD, incident diabetes, incident heart failure, Insulin resistance, Latent Class Analysis, latent variable models, left ventricular function, left ventricular hypertrophy, left ventricular mass, linear regression, logistic regression, Longitudinal Analysis, longitudinal change, LV, LV function, LV mass, LVH, Machine learning, MESA, Metabochip, metabolism, metabolomics, mitochondria, MRI, mtDNA, multi-ethnic, next-generation sequencing, NIDDM, non-insulin depend diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), obesity, omics, oral glucose tolerance test, pathogenic variants, pathway-based analysis, Polygenic Risk Scores, pre-diabetes, Principal components, Principal components adjustment, processing speed, proteomics, pulse pressure, pulse wave velocity, racial differences, Recursive partitioning, regularization, Sex-specific analysis, sparse partial least squares, Statistical methods, subclinical atherosclerosis, Subclinical vascular disease, Supervised learning, survival analysis, time-to-event regression, TOPMed, trajectories, trajectory, trans-ethnic., Type 2 diabetes, ventricular hypertrophy, ventricular size, ventricular volume, ventricular wall thickness, whole exome sequencing, whole gene sequencing (WGS) Institute for Translational Genomics and Population Sciences 1124 W. Carson Street Torrance California 90502
Jerome Rotter 310 974-9501 Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute genome data, Genome-wide analysis, genome-wide association, genome-wide association analysis, genomics 1124 W. Carson Street Torrance California 90502
Kira Taylor 502-852-4063 University of Louisville cardiovascular disease epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, reproductive epidemiology 485 E Gray St Louisville Kentucky 40205