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First Name Last Name E-mail Telephone Institutionsort descending Area of Expertise Address 1 Address 2 City State ZIP
Rui Jiang 212-305-6787 Columbia University lung N/A
Jenna Gibilaro Columbia University lung disease N/A
Rupak Shivakoti 2123057232 Columbia University CRP, diet, Diet; nutrition; epidemiology, dietary factors, Epidemiologic methods, epidemiological studies, epidemiology, fiber, Gut microbiome, imflammation, immunity, Infection, infectious diseases, inflammation, inflammation and C-reactive protein (CRP), inflammatory marker, metabolism, nutrient intakes, nutrition, nutritional epidemiology 722 W 168th st Room 705 New York New York 10032
Anoop Sheshadri University of California - San Francisco Accelerated aging, Activities of Daily Living (ADL), Age, age-related changes, Aging, biological aging, biomarkers, BODY COMPOSITION, care-recipients, caregivers, caregiving, chronic kidney disease, cognitive aging, cognitive function, COMMUNITY-DWELLING ELDERLY, decline in health over time, elderly, end-stage kidney disease, endothelial dysfunction, exercise, Exercise capacity, exercise in elderly, exercise intensity, functional aging, functional assessment, functional dependence, gait speed, Geriatric medicine, kidney disease progression, kidney function decline, muscle performance, muscle strength, physical activity, Physical function, physical performance, QOL, self-rated health, walking, walking speed 4150 Clement St Bldg 203, Rm 3A-30 San Francisco California 94121
Joyce Njoroge University of California - San Francisco cardiac, cardiology, omics, Polygenic Risk Score, Polygenic Risk Scores, proteome, proteomics N/A
Sri Lekha Tummalapalli 412-841-1704 University of California - San Francisco chronic kidney disease Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology 533 Parnassus Avenue, U404 San Francisco California 94143
Jennifer Dougherty 2067321364 University of California - San Francisco Longevity, program manager 401 Terry Ave N Seattle Washington 98109
Jason Roberts 415-476-5706 University of California - San Francisco atrial fibrillation, genetic factors Division of Cardiology 500 Parnassus Avenue, MU East, Rm 434 San Francisco California 94143
Vasantha Jotwani University of California - San Francisco chronic kidney disease, chronic kidney events, Chronic kidney failure, Chronic kidney insufficiency, chronic renal disease, chronic renal insufficiency, kidney, kidney decline, kidney disease, kidney disease progression, kidney dysfunction, kidney function, mitochondria, mitochondrial DNA, mitochondrial DNA copy number California
Joel L. Weissfeld 412-623-3313 University of Pittsburgh Department of Epidemiology N/A
Oscar Lopez University of Pittsburgh neurology N/A
Parthasarathy Thirumala 4126482228 University of Pittsburgh neurology 200 Lothrop Street, PUH B 400 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213
Sheila Pratt 412-383-6537 University of Pittsburgh age-related changes, Hearing Loss Department of Communication Science and Disorders Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15260
Joseph M. Zmuda 412-624-2970 University of Pittsburgh BODY COMPOSITION, BODY FAT, body fat distribution, body mass index, body size, bone, bone alkaline phosphatase, BONE DENSITY, bone loss, bone mass density, Bone mineral content, Bone Mineral Density, bone remodeling, bone turnover, epidemiology Graduate School of Public Health 130 DeSoto Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15261
Michael Gorin University of Pittsburgh Department of Ophthalmology 203 Lothrop Street, 8th Floor N/A
JoAnn Jones University of Pittsburgh Bellefield Professional Building 130 N. Bellefield Ave., Rm 404 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213
Subashan Perera 4126922365 University of Pittsburgh biostatistics Division of Geriatric medicine 3471 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213
Piera Kost University of Pittsburgh Health Studies Office 130 N. Bellefield Ave., Rm 400 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213
Judith Kadosh University of Pittsburgh Health Studies Office 130 N. Bellefield Ave. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213
Yvette Conley University of Pittsburgh 440 Victoria Bldg 3500 Victoria St Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15261
Iva Miljkovic-Gacic 412-624-3997 University of Pittsburgh Department of Epidemiology Graduate School of Public Health Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15261
Judith Saxton 412-692-2885 University of Pittsburgh cognitive function Dept. of Neurology Kaufman Medical Building, Suite 802 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213
Trevor J. Orchard University of Pittsburgh Department of Epidemiology 3512 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213
Megan Marron 4123833225 University of Pittsburgh frailty, gait speed, metabolomics, Omega-3, omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-3 polysaturated fatty acids, Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, omega-6 fatty acids, Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, omics, statistics, walking, walking ability, walking speed 130 North Bellefield Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213
Wesley DeHaven University of Pittsburgh air pollution health effects Pennsylvania