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Coordinating Center Activities

Core functions of the Coordinating Center


  • Maintain and build the CHS resource
    • Maintain and update the database
    • Maintain the web site
    • Coordinate continued data collection from study participants
    • Coordinate events data collection and adjudication
    • Archive data collected by ancillary studies
    • Prepare and track budgets, subcontracts, and invoices for CC activities
    • Support the activities of study committees, working groups, and workshops
    • Coordinate key ongoing CHS activities funded by ancillary studies
      • Interviews and examination of study participants
      • Events data collection and adjudication
  • Support individual research projects
    • Provide information to investigators on CHS resources, procedures, and policies
    • Coordinate review of ancillary study and manuscript proposals
    • Work with investigators to assure completion of agreements and approvals
    • Correspond with the Central Laboratory about specimen needs
    • Track progress of approved ancillary studies and manuscripts
  • Additional services offered by the Coordinating Center
    • Conduct statistical analysis
    • Co-author papers
    • Provide consultation
    • Provide summary statistics for grant preparation
    • Select subsamples of CHS participants for projects
    • Create and distribute data files
    • Verify statistical analyses for CHS papers
    • Provide project management and direction
    • Provide computing and data management for studies with special data needs

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