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Abstracts and Presentations Policy


CHS does not review abstracts or presentations. However, all CHS abstracts & presentations must:

  • be based on an active, approved proposal or manuscript
  • have the approval of all co-authors in the Writing Group
  • mention CHS in the title
  • be uploaded to the corresponding proposal record online for annual reporting and archiving, if accepted
  • (presentations only) include all relevant CHS contract and grant numbers (see CHS Acknowledgement)

In addition:

  • Abstracts or presentations from papers that involve an NHLBI employee must undergo review by the NHLBI prior to submission. Please submit  your abstract online and also notify the P&P Coordinator via email, allowing a minimum of 1 week for review.

Subsequent presentations of CHS data (symposia, posters, slidesets, internet posting, internal newsletters, lay summaries for non-media use, online sessions, etc.), should also be forwarded to the P&P Coordinator for notification and filing.

Press releases or media lay summaries must be forwarded as quickly as possible to the P&P Coordinator, as well as to the NHLBI Project Officer for CHS.