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Abstracts and Presentations Policy

All accepted CHS abstracts & presentations must be submitted to CHS for annual reporting and archiving (they will not be reviewed).

Abstracts or presentations from papers that involve an NHLBI employee must undergo review by the NHLBI prior to submission. Please submit  your abstract online and also notify the P&P Coordinator via email, allowing a minimum of 1 week for review.

Press releases or media lay summaries must be forwarded as quickly as possible to the P&P Coordinator, as well as to the NHLBI Project Officer for CHS.

Abstracts should be submitted via the corresponding proposal form online and must contain the following information:

  • conference name
  • conference location
  • conference dates
  • abstract title
  • all author names

CHS abstracts must:

  • be based on an active, approved proposal or manuscript
  • have the approval of all co-authors in the Writing Group
  • mention CHS in the title
  • (presentations only) include all relevant CHS contract and grant numbers (see CHS Acknowledgement)