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Recent Newsletters

February 2009

  • The Cardiovascular Health Study: It Only Gets Better With Age!
  • CHS Adventures
  • Changes in Physical and Mental Abilities over Time May Predict Disability or Death
  • Simple Secrets to Successful Aging
  • Kidney Function and Successful Aging
  • CHS Leads the Way in Studying Genes and Disease Risk

Fall 2007

  • CHS All Stars Redefine the Frontier of Old Age
  • Vascular Aging
  • Weight Changes and Your Health
  • Pressure after Age 80
  • Making Your Visits Easier
  • Keys to Successful Aging

Spring 2005

  • "CHS All-Stars:" A New Study and a New Visit
  • Keeping in Touch with our "Super Healthy" CHS Participants
  • CHS: A National Treasure
  • Email and the Internet: More Seniors are Getting Online

Fall 2003

  • Looking Back at the Cardiovascular Health Study: A Historical Perspective
  • A Few CHS Milestones: What You Did
  • What You and We Have Accomplished
  • Other Contributions You Have Made
  • The Future of CHS

Fall 2002

Wake Forest Edition     Davis Edition
Johns Hopkins Edition    Pittsburgh Edition

  • Growing Older and Staying Healthy: CHS Participants Have Shown Us How It’s Done
  • CHS: Been There, Done That, Still Going Strong
  • Depression: It’s Too Important for You (or Your Doctor) To Ignore

Spring 2000

  • Why We Love to Just Keep Talkin’
  • The Ginkgo Evaluation of Memory (GEM) Study: A Diamond in the Rough?
  • The Importance of Proxies in the GEM Study

Summer 1999

  • CHS Telephone Interviews to Continue
  • CHS Website Provides Information and Resources
  • A Letter to CHS Pparticipants

Fall 1998

  • CHS researchers use MRI to identify risk factors of stroke
  • CHS winds down over the next five years
  • Did you forget to remember? CHS investigates memory
  • Study of memory and aging provides valuable results

Summer 1997

  • Upcoming clinic visit features two new procedures
  • Taking care of yourself in the summer months
  • Important new blood vessel test added to the 1997 exam
  • Your eyes: more than just "a window to the soul"

Spring 1995

  • Nutrition Survey Added to Clinic Exam
  • Blood Pressure Serves as Valuable Gauge of Health and Fitness
  • Water: the Forgotten Nutrient?
  • Safe Drinking Water: Bottled Water Versus Tap Water

Spring/Summer 1994 (Physician's Edition)

Bowman Gray Edition     Davis Edition
Johns Hopkins Edition    Pittsburgh Edition

  • To the Physicians of Our CHS participants ...
  • CHS Timeline
  • Research Highlights
  • Field Center Principal Investigators

Spring 1994

  • Annual Clinic Visit: It's That Time Again
  • Echocardiography In The Cardiovascular Health Study: How We See With Sound
  • Walking: Easy, Fun, And Good For You
  • Make That Backyard Barbecue A Heart-Healthy Feast (recipes & food tips)

Spring 1993 (Special Results Issue)

  • To Our CHS Participants
  • Rationale for CHS: Looking for a Connection
  • Finding Out How the Medicines You Take May Affect Your Health
  • Do Cholesterol Levels Make a Difference?
  • Isolated Systolic Hypertension: A Clue to Heart Disease
  • Is Atherosclerosis a Predictor for Stroke and Heart Disease?

Spring/Summer 1993

  • Looking Toward 2000 (letter to participants)
  • Living Life to the Fullest
  • Why Don't Some Of Us Sleep Well?
  • Could It Be Asthma?


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