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Funding CHS Activities



Current CHS Funding:

  • Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS)  - NHLBI Contract 75N92021D00006:  11/1/20 - 10/31/2024


Ancillary studies
Ancillary studies must provide funds to support Coordinating Center (CC) activities and the CHS core infrastructure. Funds from the main CHS contract may not be used to support an ancillary study. Funding mechanisms may consist of subcontracts or invoices to a program income account.

Manuscripts that use CHS data will in most cases need to provide some amount of funding, depending on what services are needed from the Coordinating Center, whether the Writing Chair is new to CHS and whether the proposal was initiated by a working group. See Funding of CHS Manuscripts.

Laboratory specimens and assays
The CHS Central Laboratory at the University of Vermont, which maintains the repository of biological specimens from CHS participants and produces assays for research projects, makes separate funding arrangements.


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