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Funding of CHS Manuscripts

Most manuscripts require some amount of funding, depending on what services are needed from the Coordinating Center, whether the Writing Chair is new to CHS and whether the proposal was initiated by a working group. Upon approval of a manuscript proposal, the Coordinating Center will initiate a funding arrangement via an invoice or subcontract, if needed.

Please note: if your paper(s) will involve submission of a grant proposal to obtain funding for the work to be performed, you must also complete and submit to the P&P [Part 1 only] of an Ancillary Study Proposal Form. (Although you may not be collecting any new data, this form enables the Coordinating Center to gather necessary information about the scope of intended work, funding dates, etc.). 

Services related to manuscripts that require funding may include:

  • Sample selection
  • Dataset preparation
  • Central analysis by a CC statistician
  • Verification of analyses
  • Arranged consultation

Manuscript services do not require funding provided to the Coordinating Center when:

  • Analyses will be done locally (not at the CC) for a main study paper and the writing chair is new to CHS (see Welcome, New Investigators! page).  When these conditions are met, funds are available for the creation of a data set specific to the proposed paper, and for consultation in the use of CHS data. It may be possible to request that the analysis be done at the Coordinating Center, but we have limited resources for this activity, and cannot guarantee the availability of a statistician at any particular time.
  • The proposal initiates from a working group, for which limited analysis funds are available. Working group investigators who have led centrally analyzed papers are encouraged to seek funds for subsequent analyses.
  • The CC activities have already been funded via an approved Ancillary Study. Funds from the main CHS contract may not be used to support services relating to ancillary study papers.

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