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Fees For Services

Updated: 5/6/21

I. Fees for CHS Data Services (University of Washington)

CHS has developed fees for Coordinating Center services on ancillary studies, manuscripts, and other projects. The rates reflect the estimated amount of time to complete the task. The fees are intended to help support the core activities of CHS as well as the direct Coordinating Center effort.

For each type of service, the costs for a simple, moderate, and complex level of effort are shown. For example, data set preparation is "simple" if only baseline data (of a reasonable amount) are needed, "moderate" if longitudinal or events data (of a reasonable amount) are needed, and "complex" if the number of variables or data sources is large. The Coordinating Center will estimate the level of complexity of the request.

This list of services is not exhaustive. Please contact the Coordinating Center about additional services.

Exceptions to the fees can be requested and will be considered on a case by case basis.


II. Fees for CHS Specimen Services (University of Vermont)




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