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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



Do I need a CHS Sponsor?

Yes. A CHS sponsor is an active CHS investigator who receives contract funds or is a member of a Committee, Chair of a Working Group, or who is associated with a CHS field center. The Sponsor need not be located at your institution, but they must be included as a coauthor or coinvestigator on your project. The list of eligible CHS Sponsors can be found in the online directory's Committee/Group menu "CHS Investigator Group."

How can I obtain access to the internal CHS website?

Create an online account by visiting the upper, lefthand corner of the homepage and clicking on "New Account Request". This is a 2-step process which requires approval by the Coordinating Center on the same or next business day.

Where do I find my CHS paper #?

The 4-digit node number at the top of the record in the URL is the paper # (e.g., the record located at is paper #1234).  




What is the approximate duration of the CHS review process?

For paper proposals, allow roughly 4 weeks for full CHS approval, from the time you submit the proposal to notice of approval. For new ancillary study proposals, allow 4-6 weeks, depending on whether specimens or a subcontract are needed.

My results are too much for one paper. Can I write 2 papers at once?

All manuscripts must be preceded by a proposal. Please submit a second paper proposal to the P&P with a note justifying the separation of previously approved analyses. In addition, please submit a revised proposal or analysis plan for the parent paper, so that the P&P can ensure that each paper will be a viable effort and so that the description online is accurate and up-to-date.




I am relocating to a different institution. Can I take CHS data for my unfinished project with me?

No - the DMDA is both project- and institution-specific; no one under a DMDA, or BioLINCC, or dbGaP approved project may take data from one institution to another (see DMDA clause 4. Non-transferability). You will need to sign a new agreement at your new institution, after which the CC will re-send you the data there.


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