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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



Do I need a CHS Sponsor?

Yes. A CHS sponsor is an active CHS investigator who receives contract funds as a member of a Committee, Chair of a Working Group or who is associated with a CHS field center. The CHS Sponsor must be included as a coauthor or coinvestigator. The list of eligible CHS Sponsors can be found in the online directory's Committee / Group listing.

How can I obtain access to the internal CHS website?

Create an online account. This is a 2-step process which requires approval by the Coordinating Center on the same or next business day.




What is the approximate duration of the CHS review process?

For paper proposals, allow roughly 4 weeks for full CHS approval, from the time you submit the proposal to notice of approval. For new ancillary study proposals, allow 4-6 weeks, depending on whether specimens or a subcontract are needed.

My results are too much for one paper. Can I write 2 papers at once?

All manuscripts must be preceded by a proposal. Please submit a second paper proposal to the P&P with a note justifying the separation of previously approved analyses. In addition, please submit a revised proposal or analysis plan for the parent paper, so that the P&P can ensure that each paper will be a viable effort and so that the description online is accurate and up-to-date.




I am relocating to a different institution. Can I take CHS data for my unfinished project with me?

No - the DMDA is both project- and institution-specific; no one under a DMDA, or BioLINCC, or dbGaP approved project may take data from one institution to another (see DMDA clause 4. Non-transferability). You will need to sign a new agreement at your new institution, after which the CC will re-send you the data there.


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