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M. Ikram N/A
Sharon Hall N/A
Charles Lee N/A
Angela Fowler-Brown N/A
Steve Cummings N/A
Jennifer Nelson N/A
Eric Lenze N/A
Ira Tager N/A
Yabing Li N/A
Camille Ann Pearte N/A
Sydney Balise N/A
Cam Enarson N/A
Robert H. McDonald, Jr. N/A
Oana Klein N/A
Sophia Zhou N/A
Massimo Pietropaolo N/A
Gloria Chi N/A
Kirk Erickson N/A
Traci Bartz 206-897-1925 University of Washington statistics Collaborative Health Studies Coordinating Center, Campus Box 354922 Building 29, Suite 210 Seattle Washington 98115
Kenneth Rice University of Washington genome-wide association study N/A
Joseph Delaney 206-897-1918 University of Washington health outcomes Collaborative Health Studies Coordinating Center, Campus Box 354922 Building 29, Suite 210 Seattle Washington 98115
Alison Fohner 206-685-2715 University of Washington 24(OH)D, 25 dihydroxy vitamin D (24), 25(OH) (2D); single nucleotide polymorphisms, 25(OH)D, 25-dihydroxy, 25-hydroxyvitamin D, Adverse drug events, Clustering, cognition, cognition study, cognitive aging, cognitive decline, cognitive function, cognitive functioning, Cognitive Impairment, cognitive trajectories, dementia, Electronic health records, Gene Association, genes, genetic, genetic association, genetic association study, genetic data, genetic epidemiology, genetic polymorphism, genetic risk, genetic risk score, genetic studies, genetic variants, genetic variation, Genetics, genetics (primary aim), genome data, genome wide association study, Genome-wide analysis, genome-wide association, genome-wide association analysis, Genome-wide association studies, genome-wide association study, Genome-wide Methylation Association Study, genome-wide variation, genomic methodologies, genomics, genotypes, GWA, GWAS, health care, health disparities, health equity, Health Services, health services research, Infection, Machine learning, MEDICAL RECORDS, pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomic, pharmacogenomics, predictive model, Random Forests, Risk model, risk prediction, risk predictors, risk score, risk score analysis, sepsis, Topic modeling Box 357236 Seattle Washington 98195
Nicholas L. Smith University of Washington diabetes Cardiovascular Health Research Unit Department of Epidemiology Seattle Washington 98101
Thanh Ton 206-744-3654 University of Washington Parkinson's disease Department of Neurology, Box 359775 Seattle Washington 98195
Paula Diehr 206-897-1954 University of Washington cardiovascular health Department of Biostatistics Seattle Washington 98195