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First Name Last Name E-mail Telephone Institutionsort descending Area of Expertise Address 1 Address 2 City State ZIP
Jonathan F. Plehn 202-741-2798 George Washington School of Medicine Division of Cardiology 2150 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington District Of Columbia 20037
Pentti Rautaharju CHS research 737 Vista Meadows Drive Weston Florida 33327
Carole Elodie Aubert 0041326320068 CHS research fracture risk Freiburgstrasse Bern N/A 3010
Weiying Dai 607-777-4859 CHS research Alzheimer's disease, brain, brain image, brain MRI, Brain MRI abnormalities, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), MRI imaging, Statistical methods, statistical modeling, statistics Binghamton New York 1390
Obiora Egbuche CHS research adiponectin, Advanced glycation end products (AGEs), African American Ancestry, African-Americans, angina, ASCVD, atrial fibrillation, biomarkers, C-Reactive Protein, cardiac arrest, cardiac biomarkers, cardiometabolic disease, cardiovascular disease (CVD), cardiovascular disease prediction, Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS), coronary heart disease (CHD), Coronary Heart Disease Risk, CVD events, CVD mortality, subclinical atherosclerosis, subclinical cardiovascular disease, Subclinical CVD 720 westview drive SW Atlanta Georgia 30310
Helaine E. Resnick 301-560-7315 Georgetown University - MedStar Research Institute Department of Epidemiology and Statistics Department of Medicine Hyattsville Maryland 20783
Mohamad Habes +1 210-450-8416 University of Texas Health Science Center atrophy, atrophy on cerebral MRI, bioinformatics, biological aging, biomarker, biostatistics, brain imaging, brain imaging of small-vessel disease, CHARGE, Machine learning, neurodegenerative disease, neuroepidemiology, Neuroimaging 7703 Floyd Curl Drive San Antonio Texas 78229
Nahid Rianon University of Texas Health Science Center bone loss Houston Medical School Department of Family and Community Medicine Houston Texas 77030
Mini Jacob 412 996 8778 University of Texas Health Science Center active life, active life expectancy, Activities of Daily Living (ADL), Alzheimer's disease, cogintive function, compression of morbidity, dementia, disability, hospitalization, incidence and risk factors, mobility disability, mobility limitation, neuroepidemiology, physical disability, preventive health behavior, years of able life McDermott Building #5.412 Greehey Academic and Research Campus San Antonio Texas 78229
Marissa Mexquitic University of Texas Health Science Center ..... San Antonio Texas
Olivia Alison Potok UC San Diego Aging, ckd, eGFR, frail elderly, frailty, serum creatinine, serum cystatin-C 9500 Gilman drive la jolla California 92093
Britta Larsen UC San Diego diabetes N/A
Dena Rifkin UC San Diego kidney disease VA MC - La Jolla Ste. 9111 La Jolla California 92039
Andrew Roddam +44 (0)1865 289647 University of Oxford Cancer research UK Epidemiology Unit Richard Doll Building Oxford N/A OX3 7LF
Naomi Allen 0044 1865 743805 University of Oxford epidemiological studies, IGF-I, insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), mortality, prospective, Prospective Studies, prostate cancer, Type 2 diabetes mellitus Nuffield Dept Population Health, Big Data Institute Roosevelt Drive OXFORD N/A
Ola Hysaj 0041782182488 University of Bern and stroke, antihypertensive medication, Autoimmunity, cardiac, cardiac arrest, cardiac biomarkers, cardiometabolic risk, cardiometabolic risk factors, cardiovascular, cardiovascular medication, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease (CVD), cardiovascular disease epidemiology, cardiovascular disease risk factors, cardiovascular events, cardiovascular exposure, cardiovascular health study, Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS), cardiovascular mortality, cardiovascular outcomes, cardiovascular risk, cardiovascular risk factors, Subclinical Hyperthyroidism, subclinical hypothyroidism, subclinical thyroid disease, subclinical thyroid dysfunction Institute for Primary Health Care (BIHAM) University of Bern Mittelstrasse 43 3012 Bern Switzerland Bern N/A 8037
Shanthi Beglinger +41 31 664 0303 University of Bern carotid ultrasound, fall injuries, falls, sarcopenia, Thyroid disease, Thyroid function, Thyroid hormones, thyroid medication, thyroid status, thyroid-stimulating hormone Department of General Internal Medicine, Freiburgstrasse 44b Bern N/A 3010
Lisa Menke University of Bern hypothyroid, incident heart failure N/A
Manuel Blum +41316320068 University of Bern Inselspital Department of General Internal Medicine Bern N/A 3010
Heba Alwan University of Bern cardiometabolic disease, cardiometabolic risk factors, diabetes, Thyroid disease Mittelstrasse 43 Bern N/A 3012
Nicolas Rodondi University of Bern CHS Inselspital N/A
christina lyko University of Bern thyroid auto-immunity N/A
Daniel Segna 0041316320068 University of Bern t thyroid Freiburgstrasse 4, 3010 Bern Schlösslistrasse 8, 3008 Bern Bern N/A
Lea Wildisen +41 31 631 58 89 University of Bern depression, Depressive status, Depressive Symptoms, Subclinical Hyperthyroidism, subclinical hypothyroidism, subclinical thyroid disease, subclinical thyroid dysfunction Mittelstrasse 43 Bern N/A 3012
Christine Baumgartner +41 (0)31 632 00 68 University of Bern Inselspital Bern Freiburgstrasse Bern N/A 3010