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First Name Last Name E-mail Telephone Institutionsort descending Area of Expertise Address 1 Address 2 City State ZIP
Tanner Sandberg 385-201-8959 Brigham Young University brain 741 E 3230 N Provo Utah 84604
Evan Thacker 801-422-2214 Brigham Young University 3MSE, atrial fibrillation, CABG, CHD, cognition, DSST, heart failure, Insulin resistance, ischemic stroke, Life's Simple 7 Department of Health Science 2051 Life Sciences Building Provo Utah 84602
James LeCheminant 801-422-1285 Brigham Young University anthropometry, BMI, BODY COMPOSITION, BODY FAT, body mass index, diet, Diet; nutrition; epidemiology, dietary assessment, exercise, exercise intensity, food, health-risk behavior, lifestyle, lifestyle factors, lifestyle modification, nutrition, obesity, obesity treatment, physical activity, physical fitness, risk factor, risk factors S221 Eyring Science Center Brigham Young University Provo Utah 84602
Lance Davidson 801-422-2984 Brigham Young University abdominal obesity, adiposity, BODY COMPOSITION, body fat distribution, energy expenditure, Exercise capacity, exercise in elderly, exercise intensity, fracture risk, fractures, functional aging, glucose intolerance, health outcomes research, healthy aging, High-density lipoprotein (HDL), hypertension, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), metabolism, muscle mass, muscle strength, non-CVD mortality, obesity, physical activity, physical fitness, waist circumference, Waist-hip-ratio (WHR) 271 SFH Provo Utah 84602
Christa Schank Brigham Young University Utah
Monica Scrobotovici 385 201-5705 Brigham Young University 511 W 200 S, apt. 405 Salt Lake City Utah 84101
Jordan Westra 8017124756 Brigham Young University cardiovascular mortality 2319 W. Jordan Haven Ct. South Jordan Utah 84095
David Llewellyn University of Exeter Medical School Alzheimer's dementia, dementia, neuroepidemiology, neuropsychology College House St Luke's Campus Exeter N/A
Mary Rooney 6309955772 Johns Hopkins assay comparison, Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study (ARIC), atrial fibrillation, biomarkers, clinical epidemiology, diabetes, magnesium 2024 East Monument Street Suite 2-600 Baltimore Maryland 21287
Ashraf Fawzy Johns Hopkins COPD N/A
Jodi Segal 410-955-9866 Johns Hopkins diabetes, health services research, pharmacoepidemiology 624 N. Broadway Room 644 Baltimore Maryland 21205
Emily Locke 206-277-1768 Depart of Veterans Affairs N/A
Maria Sabater-Lleal 46851770305 Karolinska Institutet Genetic analysis of cardiovascular-related traits Karolinska University Hospital Solna CMM L8:03 Stockholm N/A 17176
Jens Horn 857 381-2948 Norwegian University of Science and Technology albuminuria, arteriosclerosis, BMI, body mass index, brain imaging of small-vessel disease, brain infarct, Brain infarcts, brain infarcts location, brain MRI, brain MRI dementia, brain vascular disease, CADASIL, cardiovascular health, Cardiovascular Prevention, cardiovascular risk, cardiovascular risk factors, cerebral infarction, CEREBRAL INFARCTIONS, cerebral MRI lesions, Cerebral Small Vessel Disease, Cerebrovascular disease (CBD), Cerebrovascular disorders, Cerebrovascular risk factors, Cohort study, epidemiology, ischemic stroke, ischemic vascular dementia, lacunar infarct, lacunes, microalbuminuria, Microvascular disease, microvascular disease. albuminuria, MRI infarct, MRI-defined infarcts, MRI-defined white matter hyperintensities, neurological diseases, neurology, obesity, stroke, Stroke incidence, stroke type, vascular disease risk factors Hakon Jarls gate 11 Trondheim N/A 7491
Bjorn Olav Asvold +47 92466240 Norwegian University of Science and Technology subclinical hypothyroidism Postboks 8905 Trondheim N/A N-7491
Hikaru Morooka +4793040794 Norwegian University of Science and Technology AF, atrial fibrillation, atrial fibrillation; lifetime risk; prediction, parity, women, women parity cardiovascular disease, Women's Health Øya helsehus, Øya, Samfunnsmedisinbygget, Håkon Jarls gate 11 Trondheim N/A 7030
Lars Erik Laugsand +4792827058 Norwegian University of Science and Technology cardiovascular epidemiology Trondheim N/A
Brian Cade 857-307-0353 Brigham and Women's Hospital / Harvard Medical School sleep, Genetics 221 Longwood Avenue BLI 228 Boston Massachusetts 02115
Joanne Murabito Boston University Medical Center age at menopause, Aging 73 Mount Wayte Ave Framingham Massachusetts 01702
Ludovic Trinquart 617-638-5878 Boston University Medical Center atrial fibrillation, biostatistics, competing risks, individual participant data analysis, Individual-patient-data meta-analysis, lifetime risk, meta-analysis Boston University School of Public Health 801 Mass. Ave Boston Massachusetts 02130
Johanna Petersen Oregon Health & Science University Oregon 97239
Eric Orwoll 503 709 7031 Oregon Health & Science University Longevity, osteoporosis 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd Portland Oregon 97239
Md Hamidul Huque Unknown alzheimers disease; risk factors; transition probabilities; progression, biostatistics, Statistical methods, statistical modeling, statistics, survival analysis, survival models School Psychology Kensington N/A
Mark Ross Unknown age-related changes, Aging, exercise, Exercise capacity, exercise in elderly, imflammation, Immune cell, immune cell subsets, Immune Cells, immunology, inflammation, lymphocytes, monocytes, muscle, muscle mass, muscle performance, muscle strength, old age, older, older adult, older adults, older persons, physical activity, physical fitness, Physical function, physical functioning, physical performance, T cells, T-cell, T-cells Riccarton Campus Edinburgh N/A
Jeni Page 409-772-2222 Unknown cardiometabolic risk, cardiometabolic risk factors, epigenetics, minorities, physical activity, women 301 University Blvd Galveston Texas 77555