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Emily Richards Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Alzheimer’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease related dementias (AD/ADRD), brain MRI, Brain MRI abnormalities, brain MRI dementia, brain structure, brain volumes, cardiovascular health study, Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS), CHS, cognitive aging, Cognitive Change, cognitive decline, cognitive function, Cognitive Impairment, diet, diet beverages, Diet Inflammatory Index, diet quality diet diversity diabetes cardiovascular disease, Diet; nutrition; epidemiology, Diet; nutrition; epidemiology; prevention; body mass index; glucose; eating timing and frequency, dietary assessment, dietary factors, dietary fat, dietary magnesium, dietary patterns, Dietary protein, dietary sodium, dietary zinc, Digit Symbol Substitution Test, DSST, gait speed, health related quality of life (HRQL), healthy aging, healthy food availability, MR, MRI, MRI EVALUATION, MRI imaging, MRI SCANS, MRI-defined white matter hyperintensities, neighborhood, neighborhood diet environment, neighborhood environment, neighborhood risk factors, Neighborhood socioeconomic status, neighborhoods, nutrient intakes, nutrition, nutritional epidemiology, obesity, obesity treatment, old age, older adult, older adults, pain, social determinants of health, trans fat, trans fatty acids, trans-fatty acids, vascular risk factors (VRF), ventricular size, vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin C, Vitamin D, vitamin D (24), vitamin D metabolism, vitamin E, vitamin levels, volume loss, voxel based morphometry, waist circumference, Waist circumference (WAIST) N/A
Adam Richards UCLA Division of General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research Health Services, health equity, health disparities Los Angeles California 90024
Kenneth Rice University of Washington genome-wide association study N/A
Nahid Rianon University of Texas Health Science Center bone loss Houston Medical School Department of Family and Community Medicine Houston Texas 77030
Alice Rhodes University of Washington (CHSCC) ..... N/A
Shannon Rhodes Unknown Parkinson's disease N/A
Helaine E. Resnick 301-560-7315 Georgetown University - MedStar Research Institute Department of Epidemiology and Statistics Department of Medicine Hyattsville Maryland 20783
Shoshana Reshef 908-304-6285 Bayer Health Care N/A
Jared Reis NHLBI 25(OH)D, Epidemiologic methods N/A
Alex Reiner 206-526-1249 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Gene Association, Genetic analysis of cardiovascular-related traits 1100 Fairview Ave N/M3-A410 Seattle Washington 98109
Colin Rehm Tufts University nutritional epidemiology, health disparities, GIS N/A
Alexis Reeves Stanford University School of Medicine age at menopause, Aging, Alzheimer’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease related dementias (AD/ADRD), blood pressure, cardiometabolic disease, cardiometabolic risk, cardiometabolic risk factors, discrimination, Epidemiologic methods, epidemiological studies, epidemiology, Epidemiology of Aging, Ethnic Differences, ethnicity, harmonization, hypertension, Menopausal, menopausal hormones, menopause, race, race/ethnicity, racial differences N/A
Thomas D. Rea 206-287-2777 University of Washington Cardiovascular Health Research Unit Metropolitan Park, East Tower Seattle Washington 98101
Andreea Rawlings Kaiser Permanente Aging, Alzheimer Disease, Alzheimer's dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease risk factors, biostatistics, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease (CVD), cardiovascular disease epidemiology, cardiovascular disease prediction, cardiovascular disease risk factors, cardiovascular events, Cerebrovascular disease (CBD), cognition, cognitive aging, cognitive decline, Cognitive Domains, cognitive function, Cognitive Impairment, cognitive trajectories, Cohort study, dementia, diabetes, Diabetes Mellitus, Epidemiologic methods, epidemiology, Statistical methods, statistical modeling, statistics N/A
Pentti Rautaharju CHS research 737 Vista Meadows Drive Weston Florida 33327
Laura Rasmussen-Torvik Northwestern University diabetes N/A
Noa Rappaport Unknown Aging, multi-system dysregulation, multivariate joint models 401 Terry Ave N Seattle Washington 98109
Sunil Rao 919-286-0411, ext.2352 Duke University Medical Center Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories Durham VA Medical Center Durham North Carolina 27705
Swapnil Rajpathak Albert Einstein College of Medicine 1300 Morris Park Ave Bronx New York 10461
Cyrus Raji 3105924557 Washington University in St. Louis ADNI, age-related changes, Aged, Aged--80 and over, Aldosterone, Alzheimer Disease, Alzheimer's dementia, alzheimers disease; risk factors; transition probabilities; progression, Alzheimer’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease related dementias (AD/ADRD), Alzheimer’s disease risk factors, amyloid imaging, Machine learning, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), memory impairment, physical activity, Physical function, serum cystatin-C, weight 4525 Scott Avenue Saint Louis Missouri 63110
Farbod Raiszadeh Montefiore Medical Center atrial fibrillation, Cardiac arrhythmia, dyslipidemia, Electrocardiology N/A
Katy Rahilly-Tierney CRAHILLY-TIERNEY@PARTNERS.ORG partners diabetes N/A
Laura Raffield UNC-CH Cardiovascular Genetics, genome-wide association analysis N/A
WAQAS QURESHI 5165122605 Wake Forest University Health Sciences diabetes, heart failure, metabolism, obesity 520 Ridgehaven Cir Winston Salem Michigan 27104
Sabah Quraishi 206-685-8062 University of Washington air pollution health effects 4225 Roosevelt Way NE Suite 302 Seattle Washington 98105