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First Name Last Name E-mailsort descending Telephone Institution Area of Expertise Address 1 Address 2 City State ZIP
Ambarish Pandey 6178698957 University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center incident heart failure 5323 Harry Hines Blvd Dallas Texas 75390
Aiman El-Saed Bellefield Professional Building, RM 405 130 N. Bellefield Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213
Amanda Fretts 206-287-2777 University of Washington Genetics Cardiovascular Health Research Unit 1730 Minor Ave Seattle Washington 98101
Amparo Gonzalez-Feliciano National Cancer Institute (NCI) cancer, epidemiology, physical activity Maryland 20850
Amy L. Byers 415-221-4810 x3980 University of California, San Francisco Department of Psychiatry 4150 Clement St. San Francisco California 94121
Amy Kelley Icahn School of Medicine N/A
Amy Krefman Northwestern University Medical School biostatistics N/A
Anca Tabakova Uniformed Services University 4301 Jones Bridge Road, Bethesda Maryland 20814-4799
Melissa Anderson 206-287-2647 Group Health Center for Health Studies 1730 Minor Ave., Ste. 1600 Seattle Washington 98101
Andreea Rawlings Kaiser Permanente Aging, Alzheimer Disease, Alzheimer's dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease risk factors, biostatistics, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease (CVD), cardiovascular disease epidemiology, cardiovascular disease prediction, cardiovascular disease risk factors, cardiovascular events, Cerebrovascular disease (CBD), cognition, cognitive aging, cognitive decline, Cognitive Domains, cognitive function, Cognitive Impairment, cognitive trajectories, Cohort study, dementia, diabetes, Diabetes Mellitus, Epidemiologic methods, epidemiology, Statistical methods, statistical modeling, statistics N/A
Andrew Grupe 510-749-6297 Celera Diagnostics CNS Discovery Research 1401 Harbor Bay Parkway Alameda California 94502
Andrew Roddam +44 (0)1865 289647 University of Oxford Cancer research UK Epidemiology Unit Richard Doll Building Oxford N/A OX3 7LF
Andrew Masica Baylor Institute for Healthcare Research and Improvement 8080 N. Central Expressway, Suite 500-LB 81 Dallas Texas 75206
Anjum Hajat 2066853618 University of Washington (CHSCC) air pollution health effects, area socioeconomic status, Ethnic Differences, income, longitudinal data, MESA, psychosocial factors, social determinants of health, SOCIAL FACTORS, SOCIOECONOMIC INDICATORS, Socioeconomic status (SES), stress 1959 NE Pacific Street Health Sciences Bldg, F-250E Box 357236 Seattle Washington 98195
Ann O'Hare VA Puget Sound Healthcare System renal 111J Nephrology Seattle Washington 98121
Abhijay Nadkarni University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health ADNI, Aging, alzheimers disease; risk factors; transition probabilities; progression, biomarkers, epidemiological studies, Epidemiology of Aging, gait, mobility impairment 130 De Soto Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15261
Annabel Xulin Tan 650-723-6910 Stanford Aging, cardiovascular disease (CVD), cardiovascular disease epidemiology, Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS), hypertension 259 Campus Drive T254B Stanford California 94305
Anna Kucharska-Newton University of North Carolina N/A
Annie McNeill 919-483-8624 GlaxoSmithKline Worldwide Epidemiology, Cardiovascular/Metabolic Program PO Box 13398 Research Triangle Park North Carolina 27709-3398
Anoop Sheshadri University of California - San Francisco Accelerated aging, Activities of Daily Living (ADL), Age, age-related changes, Aging, biological aging, biomarkers, BODY COMPOSITION, care-recipients, caregivers, caregiving, chronic kidney disease, cognitive aging, cognitive function, COMMUNITY-DWELLING ELDERLY, decline in health over time, elderly, end-stage kidney disease, endothelial dysfunction, exercise, Exercise capacity, exercise in elderly, exercise intensity, functional aging, functional assessment, functional dependence, gait speed, Geriatric medicine, kidney disease progression, kidney function decline, muscle performance, muscle strength, physical activity, Physical function, physical performance, QOL, self-rated health, walking, walking speed 4150 Clement St Bldg 203, Rm 3A-30 San Francisco California 94121
Anoop Shah University of Cambridge ASCVD, AsCVD Risk N/A
Antonio Teixeira University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston Alzhiemer's disease, biomarkers, dementia, depression, inflammation, renin angiotensin system 1941 East Road Houston Texas 77054
Andrew Odegaard University of California, Irvine nutrition, diabetes Irvine California 92697-7550
Omar Alomar 3144798500 Washington University in St. Louis Anti-Hypertensive Therapy, apnea, Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI), arrhythmia, arterial disease, Arteries, atherosclerosis, atrial fibrillation, CABG, CAD, Cardiac Amyloidosis, Cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac biomarkers, Cardiac electrophysiology, cardiac imaging, cardiac mortality, cardiovascular, cardiovascular death, Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS), CHF, Chronic kidney failure, coronary disease, echocardiography, elderly, gender differences, heart rate, heart rate variability, HFPEF, HRT, HRV 660 S Euclid Ave Saint Louis Missouri 63110
Aniruddh Patel 317-727-6085 Massachusetts General Hospital Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiovascular Prevention, cardiovascular risk factors, health disparities, Polygenic Risk Scores, Predictive models 185 Cambridge St CPZN 3.218 Boston Massachusetts 02114