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First Name Last Name E-mailsort descending Telephone Institution Area of Expertise Address 1 Address 2 City State ZIP
Christina Eckhardt 919-630-0059 Columbia University Airflow obstruction, congestive heart failure (CHF), lung disease, lung function, lung function decline 630 West 168th Street PH 9E-105 New York New York 10032
Lin Chen University of Minnesota N/A
Cheryl Jones University of California, Davis General Medicine Investigative Clinic Division of General Medicine Sacramento California 95817
Calvin H. Hirsch 916-734-7004 University of California, Davis exercise in elderly, functional aging, functional assessment, Geriatric medicine Medical Center Division of General Medicine Sacramento California 95817
Chino Aneke 7187303610 Albert Einstein College of Medicine diabetes, insulin-like growth factors 1945 Eastchester rd 6A Bronx New York 10461
Christopher Kline 4123834027 University of Pittsburgh exercise, physical activity, sleep, sleep disturbances 32 Oak Hill Court Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15261
Christa Schank Brigham Young University Utah
Christina Boyle 3102831949 USC Keck School of Medicine AD 4676 Admiralty Way 4th Floor Marina del Rey, California 90292
Christina Cahill University of Vermont epidemiology, genetic factors, Life's Simple 7, lifestyle modification, prevention, pulmonary embolism, venous thromboembolism N/A
christina lyko University of Bern thyroid auto-immunity N/A
Christina Parrinello Albert Einstein College of Medicine cardiovascular disease epidemiology, diabetes N/A
Christine Baumgartner +41 (0)31 632 00 68 University of Bern Inselspital Bern Freiburgstrasse Bern N/A 3010
Christopher deFilippi Inova Heart and Vascular Institute cardiac biomarkers Falls Church Virginia
Christopher Keller 415-750-2093 University of California, San Francisco General Internal Medicine Section VAMC (111A1) San Francisco California 94121
Christopher L. Seplaki 585-273-1549 University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry Department of Community & Preventive Medicine 601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 644 Rochester New York 14642
Christy Costanian American University of Beirut renal N/A
IrinaI Kachook University of Washington (CHSCC) 1000 genomes Washington
Test CHS User Test CHS Website University of Washington AAA, testing Washington 98115
Christopher I. Li 206-667-7444 Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center PO Box 19024 (M4-C308) Seattle Washington 98104-7515
Cheryl Jennings NHLBI Rockledge II, Room 6120, MSC 7902 6701 Rockledge Drive Bethesda Maryland 20892-7902
Cashell Jaquish NHLBI Division of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications 6701 Rockledge Drive. MSC 7934, Rm. 8170 Bethesda Maryland 20892-7934
Caroline Kim Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center N/A
S. Claiborne Johnston 415-502-7487 University of California, San Francisco Department of Neurology Box 0114 San Francisco California 94143
Claire Leiser 801-870-9839 University of Washington epidemiology 4225 Roosevelt Way NE Suite 302 Seattle Washington 98105
Clemma Muller 612-327-7237 uw Epidemiologic methods Initiative for Research and Education to Advance Community Health 1100 Olive Way, suite 1200 Seattle Washington 98101