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First Name Last Namesort ascending E-mail Telephone Institution Area of Expertise Address 1 Address 2 City State ZIP
Christina Wee 617-754-1402 BIDMC African-Americans, health disparities, health services research, healthcare utilization, obesity, preventive health behavior, QOL 330 Brookline Ave Boston Massachusetts 02215
Katharina Weber Epidemiology & Community Health adiponectin, apoE, apolipoprotein, apolipoprotein E, apolipoproteins, association studies, C-Reactive Protein, C-reactive protein (CRP), cardiometabolic, cardiometabolic disease, cardiometabolic risk, cardiometabolic risk factors, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease (CVD), cardiovascular disease epidemiology, cardiovascular risk factors, cholesterol, clinical epidemiology, Clustering, cognitive function, cognitive functioning, Cohort study, confounders, correlation, CRP, CV Epidemiology, CVD risk factors, Cytokines, diabetes, Diabetes Mellitus, diabetes risk prediction, diet, Diet; nutrition; epidemiology, dietary factors, dietary patterns, eating habits, Epidemiologic methods, epidemiological studies, epidemiology, follow-up study, food frequency, glucose homeostasis, glucose intolerance, Glucose levels, glucose metabolism, GLUCOSE TOLERANCE, GLUCOSE TOLERANCE TEST, glycemic control, Glycosylated Hemoglobin, HbA1c, HDL, HDL cholesterol, High-density lipoprotein (HDL), High-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), HOMA-B, HOMA-IR, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, IL-6, Impaired glucose tolerance, impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), inflammation and C-reactive protein (CRP), inflammatory marker, inflammatory markers, insulin, Insulin resistance, Insulin sensitivity, interaction, Interleukin-6, LDL, LDL cholesterol, LDL-C CHOLESTEROL, lifestyle factors, linear regression, lipid levels, Longitudinal Analysis, longitudinal observational data, longitudinal studies, longitudinal study, meta-analysis, nutrient intakes, nutrition, nutritional epidemiology, observational studies, oral glucose tolerance, oral glucose tolerance test, population-based, post-load glucose, pre-diabetes, prediabetes, Statistical methods, systematic reviews, triglycerides Niemannsweg 11 Kiel N/A 24105
Katey Webber California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute Pooled Epidemiological studies N/A
Reem Waziry Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Aging, biological aging, biomarkers, biostatistics, Cognitive Change, cognitive decline, Epidemiologic methods, epidemiological studies, epidemiology, Epidemiology of Aging, epigenetics, stroke New York 10032
Keattiyoat Wattanakit Epidemiology & Community Health Suite 300 1300 S. 2nd Street Minneapolis Minnesota 55455
Jerry Watson University of Washington Collaborative Health Studies Coordinating Center, Campus Box 354922 Building 29, Suite 210 Seattle Washington 98115-8160
Nathaniel Watson University of Washington Sleep Disorders Center Harborview Medical Center 325 Ninth Ave Seattle Washington 98104
Laura Waterstram University of Pittsburgh Health Studies Office Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15213
Christina Wassel 802-656-1970 University of Vermont genetic epidemiology, peripheral arterial disease 360 S Park Dr, #206B Colchester Vermont 05446
Meng Wang Tufts University cardiovascular disease epidemiology 150 Harrison Ave Boston Massachusetts 02111
Qianyi Wang Harvard School of Public Health N/A
Thomas Wang 617-724-6158 Harvard Medical School Cardiology Division, GRB-800 Massachusetts General Hospital Boston Massachusetts 2114
Henry Wang 2054101267 University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston Infection, infectious diseases, sepsis Department of Emergency Medicine 6431 Fannin Houston Texas 77030
Zheyu Wang Johns Hopkins University biostatistics N/A
Luke Wander uw neurology N/A
Emily Wan 617-525-2112 Brigham & Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School chronic lower respiratory disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, DNA methylation, epidemiological studies, epigenetics, genetic studies, PULMONARY DISEASE, pulmonary function test, spirometry 181 Longwood Ave, 4th floor Boston Massachusetts 02115
Carl Walther 713-798-8350 Baylor Institute for Healthcare Research and Improvement chronic kidney disease, clinical epidemiology, heart failure outcomes, kidney disease One Baylor Plaza Mail Stop: BCM 395 Houston Texas 77030
Jeremy Walston 410-550-1003 Johns Hopkins University frailty, molecular biology JHAAC 5501 Bayview Circle, Rm 1A.62 Baltimore Maryland 21224
Robert B. Wallace N/A
Erin Wallace University of Washington BONE DENSITY Cardiovascular Health Research Unit Seattle Washington 98101
Salman Waheed 9144345504 St. Francis Hospital cardiovascular epidemiology 100 Port washington Blvd Greenvale New York 11576
Judith Volcy 404 932 3556 partners Cardiovascular Prevention, clinical epidemiology; nutrition; heart failure, clinical practice guidelines, cognition function, Colorectal Cancer Prevention, COMMUNITY-DWELLING ELDERLY, comorbidities, disease management, disparity, ethnicity; diversity; prevention; cardiovascular;, general internal medicine, health disparities, health equity, health outcomes, health outcomes research, health promotion, Primary prevention, race/ethnicity, racial differences, social determinants of health, SOCIAL FACTORS, social network, socioeconomic, socioeconomic disparities, socioeconomic factors, SOCIOECONOMIC INDICATORS, Socioeconomic Status, stressful life events Department of Medicine 720 Westview Drive, SW Atlanta Georgia 30310
Caitlyn Vlasschaert Queen's University kidney, kidney disease 99 University Ave Kingston, Ontario N/A 00000
Ioannis Vlachos 6176674143 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center bioinformatics, biostatistics, Machine learning, statistical modeling 330 Brookline Ave 519A, Dana Building Boston Massachusetts 02115
Peter Vitaliano 206-2645473 University of Washington psychology, stress, caregiving, depression, coping Dept of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Box 356560 Seattle Washington 98195