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First Name Last Name E-mail Telephone Institutionsort descending Area of Expertise Address 1 Address 2 City State ZIP
Jose Gutierrez 9172241244 Columbia University brain imaging, brain imaging of small-vessel disease, Brain infarcts, brain infarcts location, brain MRI, cerebral infarction, Cerebral Small Vessel Disease, Cerebrovascular disease (CBD), stroke 710 W 168th street New York 10032
Jose Luchsinger 212-305-4730 Columbia University diabetes PH9E-105 630 W. 168th Street New York New York 10032
Rui Jiang 212-305-6787 Columbia University lung N/A
Jonah Einson Columbia University gene expression, splice mutation, TOPMed 101 Avenue of the Americas 4th Floor New York New York 10013
Brandon Bellows Columbia University blood pressure, blood pressure control, cardiovascular disease (CVD), cardiovascular disease epidemiology, cardiovascular disease prediction, cardiovascular disease risk factors, costs, costs of care 622 W 168th Street, PH9-105 New York New York 10032
Pallavi Balte 803-629-9581 Columbia University Albumin to creatinine ratio, asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD, spriometry 622 W 168th street PH-9 105 new York New York 10032
Autumn Clemons 619-840-4411 Columbia University ASCVD, AsCVD Risk, CAD, cardiovascular, cardiovascular disease (CVD), cardiovascular disease epidemiology, HEART DISEASE, LDL, LDL-C CHOLESTEROL, Lifecourse, Longitudinal Analysis, longitudinal studies, longitudinal study, longitudinal trajectories, multi-ethnic 722 West 168th Street, 5th floor Room 522 New York New York 10032
Kyril Cole 4352517010 Columbia University Public Health 722 West 168th street New York City New York 10032
Andrew Moran Columbia University blood pressure, blood pressure control, costs of care, healthcare cost, healthcare utilization, hypertension, hypertension medications, hypertension treatment Division of General Medicine Presbyterian Hospital 9th floor East room 105 New York New York 10032
Hyunmi Choi Columbia University epilespy 710 West 168th street 7th floor New York New York 10032
Joshua Willey 2123051710 Columbia University physical activity, stroke 710 West 168th street Room 641 New York New York 10032
Heather Greenlee Columbia University nutrition N/A
Shadi Yaghi Columbia University stroke N/A
Nandini Nair 914 841 3218 Columbia University diabetes, incident diabetes, obesity 650 W 168th Street, BB2012 New York New York 10032
Yuni Choi Columbia University ASCVD, cardiometabolic disease, cardiometabolic risk factors, cardiovascular, chronic lower respiratory disease, DASH diet, epidemiology N/A
Annie Lee (212) 305-2500 Columbia University AD, Aging, Alzheimer Disease, Alzheimer's dementia, Alzheimer's diseae, Alzheimer's disease, alzheimers disease; risk factors; transition probabilities; progression, Alzheimer’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease risk factors, Alzhiemer's disease, biostatistics, cardiovascular disease risk factors, genetic association, genetic association study, genetic data, genetic epidemiology, genetic factors, genetic variants, LOAD – late onset Alzheimer’s disease, neurological diseases, statistical modeling, statistical testing 622 West 168th Street, PH 19-315 New York New York 10032
Carlos Rodriguez Columbia University 622 W. 168th Street New York New York 10032
Elizabeth Oelsner 917-880-7099 Columbia University chronic lower respiratory disease 630 West 168th Street PH9E-105K New York New York 10010
Christina Eckhardt 919-630-0059 Columbia University Airflow obstruction, congestive heart failure (CHF), lung disease, lung function, lung function decline 630 West 168th Street PH 9E-105 New York New York 10032
Mathew Maurer 212-305-9808 Columbia University Geriatric Cardiology Clinical Cardiovascular Rsch. Lab for the Elderly 5141 Broadway New York New York 10032
Talea Cornelius Columbia University cardiovascular, health, health behaviors, health-risk behavior, obesity, relationships, social, social determinants of health, SOCIAL FACTORS, SOCIAL SUPPORT, spousal similarity, spouse, Statistical methods, statistical modeling, statistics Center for Behavioral Cardiovascular Health 622 W. 168th St. PH9-319 New York New York 10032
Adina Zeki Al Hazzouri Columbia University Aging, cognitive aging, epidemiology, Epidemiology of Aging New York New York 10032
Anoop Sheshadri University of California - San Francisco Accelerated aging, Activities of Daily Living (ADL), Age, age-related changes, Aging, biological aging, biomarkers, BODY COMPOSITION, care-recipients, caregivers, caregiving, chronic kidney disease, cognitive aging, cognitive function, COMMUNITY-DWELLING ELDERLY, decline in health over time, elderly, end-stage kidney disease, endothelial dysfunction, exercise, Exercise capacity, exercise in elderly, exercise intensity, functional aging, functional assessment, functional dependence, gait speed, Geriatric medicine, kidney disease progression, kidney function decline, muscle performance, muscle strength, physical activity, Physical function, physical performance, QOL, self-rated health, walking, walking speed 4150 Clement St Bldg 203, Rm 3A-30 San Francisco California 94121
Joyce Njoroge University of California - San Francisco cardiac, cardiology, omics, Polygenic Risk Score, Polygenic Risk Scores, proteome, proteomics N/A
Jason Roberts 415-476-5706 University of California - San Francisco atrial fibrillation, genetic factors Division of Cardiology 500 Parnassus Avenue, MU East, Rm 434 San Francisco California 94143