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Biochemical Measurements

C-reactive protein measurements in CHS


Baseline (year 2 original cohort and year 5 minority cohort) C-reactive protein (CRP) was measured by a colorimetric competitive ELISA developed in our laboratory (Macy, et al, 1997). Biotinylated CRP competes with CRP in the sample for the coated antibody. Detection is via the enzyme horseradish peroxidase conjugated in an avidin-biotin complex followed by the color reagent substrate, orthophenylene diamine. Standardization is done using the WHO CRP reference standard. The analytical coefficient of variation for this assay was 5.1%.

  • Macy E, Hayes T, Tracy R (1997) Variability in the measurement of C-reactive protein in healthy subjects: implication for reference interval and epidemiological applications. Clin Chem 43:52-58.

Year 5 (year 5 original cohort and year 5 minority cohort) and year 9 C-reactive protein (CRP) was measured using the BNII nephelometer from Dade Behring (N High Sensitivity CRP: Dade Behring Inc., Deerfield, IL). This instrument utilizes a particle enhanced immunonepholometric assay. Polystyrene particles are coated with monoclonal antibodies to CRP, which, in the presence of antigen (CRP) agglutinate to cause an increase in the intensity of scattered light. The analytical coefficient of variation for this assay was 5.0%.

In order to use the data longitudinally, CRP levels which had been measured by the ELISA in the minority cohort at their year 5 baseline visit were re-measured using the automated BNII assay. 641 participants had duplicate measures available for comparison. An adjustment formula was calculated (CRPBNII = exp(ln(CRPELISA + 0.2781).

Table 1. Summary of Laboratory Analyses: CHS

  02       03 04 05   06 07 08 09 10 11 18
Analyte Full C/C X-See C/C-2     Original Black only              
    Cholesterol1 X       1/4FC 1/4FC X X X X 1/4FC X X X X
    LDL-C X           X X             X
    HDL-C1 X           X X             X
    Triglyceride1 X           X X             X
    Lp(a)1 X                            
    Plasma Oxysterol             1/60MS 36                
    fatty acids1   X         X17                
Coag Factors:                              
    Fibrinogen1 X           X X              
    Prothrombin2   X10   X       1/3FC              
    Factor VIIc1 X           X X              
    Factor VIIIc1,10 X,L                            
    Factor VIIag2     X                        
    Factor VIIa2     X                        
    Factor IX2     X                        
    Factor X2     X                        
    Factor XI             X35 X35              
    Gamma Prime Fibrinogen             X35 X35              
    Fragment 1.22,10   X10 X       1/10FC 1/3FC              
    Fibrinopeptide A2     X                        
    Factor XIa- a 1AT Complex2     X                        
    Protein C2,10     X       1/10FC                
    Protein S (F+B)2     X                        
    Antithrombin III2,10   X10 X       1/10FC                
    Tissue Factor Pathway Inhib.2     X                        
    Thrombin activated fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFI)13       X                      
    EPCR5   X         subset                
    t-PA2     X         1/3FC              
    PAI-12   X10 X         1/3FC              
    tPA/PAI-1 Complex2     X                        
    Plasminogen2     X                        
    Plasmin/Antiplasmin Complex2,10 L X,X10 X X     L 1/3FC              
    D-dimer Fragment2,10,11 L X,X10 X X     L 1/3FC              
Inflammation Factors:                              
    Albumin1 X           X X       X      
    C-Reactive Protein2,10 X X,X10 X       X         X     X
     a1 -Acid glycoprotein2,10 L X,X10 X       L                
    anti-Twar antibodies3   X                          
    anti-CMV antibodies3   X                          
    anti-HSV-1 antibodies3   X                          
    White Cells1 X           X X             X
    IGF-123, 16,19   1/4FC             X     Xz     X
    IL-61 X9 Psaty         X31 X       X31      
    sCD1438 X                            
    ICAM-111       X       1/3FC              
    Serum anyloid P (SAP)14       X                      
    Pentracxin 314       X                      
    Lp-PLA2, 12 X             X              
    TGF-Beta 115 subset           1/6FC         1/2FC24      
antiphospholipid antibodies33 X C/C-3             X C/C-3   X C/C-3          
    IGFBP116                       Xz     X
    IGFBP316                 X31     X31     X
  Galectin-337 X           X X   blk          
    Cytokines32 X             X              
Oxidation Factors:                              
    vit. E, B-carotene1   X                          
    Homocysteine/B620   1/5X                          
    myeloperoxidase22             subset subset              
Hormonal Factors:                              
    Fasting Glucose1, 24 X           X X   X24   X   X24 X
    Fasting Insulin1 X           X X       X24      
    2-Hour OGTT1 X                     X      
    2-Hour insulin X                     X24      
    HgA1c7   X                          
    TSH4 X           X26 X26   X26   X26     X26
    FT4 X4 Q           X26 X26   X26 Q   X26 Q     X26
    T3             X26 X26   X26   X26     X26
    TPO antibodies             X26 X26             X26
    C-Peptide24                       X      
    DHEA16, 19, 31, 25 subset19           X31 subset subset subset   X31 subset   X31
    Androstenedione16                   1/5 FC25   Xz     X
    Testosterone25                   1/5 FC          
    SHBG25                   1/5 FC          
 Dihydrotestosterone25                   1/5 FC          
    PTH21             subset subset              
    CML24                       X      
     b -Thromboglobulin1                 P            
    Platelet Count1 X           X X             X
    Uric Acid1 X           X X              
    Potassium1 X           X X              
    Hgb/Hct1 X           X X             X
    Klotho30 X           X X              
    Salicylate9             1/50FC                
    Digoxin9             1/50FC                
    Propranolol9             1/50FC                
    Hydrochlorothiazide9             1/50FC                
    Cystatin C6, 16 X           X X       X     X
    Urinary albumin7   X                   X      
    Urinary creatinine7   X                   X      
    Creatinine1, 16 X           X X       X     X
    Serum Calcium21             subset subset              
    Serum Phosporus21             subset subset              
    FGF-2329                       X      
    Alkaline Phosphatase21             X X              
    Vitamin D16, 21, 34             subset subset       subset     X
    BONAP (bone alkaline phos)21             subset subset              
    Adiponectin total16, 18             X24 X24       Xz     X
    Adiponectin HMW             X24 X24              
    Leptin18             subset                
    Free Fatty Acid, NEFA             X24 X24              
    FABP4             X24 X24              
    Fetuin A             X24 X24              
Cardiac markers:                              
    BNP17 X           X X   X F/U          
    ANP subset                            
    Procollagen peptides8 subset                            
    Troponin27 X           X X   blk          
    ST237 X           X X   blk          
    Gas628             1/4 C/C 1/4 C/C              


Full or FC Full CHS cohort
C/C a Case/Control study with about 400 people unless noted otherwise
X-Sec a cross-sectional study with 400 people
C/C-2 the second Case/Control group, which has 2000 members for phenotypes and 2500 for genotypes
Black Extra Black cohort
X done or in process of being done
L part of a longitudinal study (n= ~1500 people)
1/2FC fractions of the CHS full cohort used in the study; for example 1/2FC = ~2500 people
P Planned; for some, $ in hand; for others, funding being sought
z Only those with data in year 18
Q Measured only in participants with abnormal TSH
M Measured only in male participants free of CVD
C/C-3 a case/control study
MS Sample from Cognition study


1Funds from CHS (AS#12IP)
2Funds from R.Tracy RO1 (AS#8)
3Funds from D.Siscovic grant (AS#13)
4Funds from L.Fried grant (AS#12)
5Funds from Kurosawa (AS#168)
6Funds from Sarnak (AS#164)
7Funds from Konen (AS#6)
8Funds from Barasch (AS#122)
9Funds from Psaty Grant (AS#10C)
10Funds from Cushman grant (AS#27)
11Funds from Steve Humphries (AS#8)
12Funds from Furberg (AS#149)
13Funds from Koschinsky(AS#83)
14Funds from Jenny grant (AS#128)
15Funds from Glazer-Siscovick (AS#166)
16Funds from Linda Fried (AS#142)
17Funds from De Fillippi ancillary study (AS#179)
18Funds from Kizer grant (AS#147)
19Funds from Cappila grant (AS#163)
20Funds from Schwartz (AS#24,25)
21Funds from Kestenbaum(AS#160)
22Funds from Aviles(AS#88)
23Funds from Kaplan(AS#88)
24Funds from Mukamal(AS#216)
25Funds from Shores(AS#200)
26Funds from Cappola(AS#207)
27Funds from De Fillippi (AS#241)
28Funds from Borgel(AS#182)
29Funds from Ix(AS#251)
30Funds from Samba (AS#270)
31Funds from Newman (AS#127)
32Funds form Walston (AS#167)
33Funds from Kittner (AS#55)
34Funds from Kestenbaum (AS#260)
35Funds from Folsom (AS#198)
36Funds from Kuller (AS#110)
37Funds from De Fillippi (AS#284)
38 Funds from Reiner (AS#87)



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