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P&P Reviewer Guidelines


All Writing Chairs are encouraged to participate in the distributed P&P review of penultimate draft manuscripts (1-3 times per year.)

Reviewers for the CHS will consider the following important criteria when reading your paper:

  • Does the paper match what was proposed?
  • Is CHS correctly represented (methods, dates, etc)?
  • Genetic statement: All analyses must conform to CHS Genetics Policies, which were revised in 1998-99. This required statement only applies if your paper uses genetic data. If genetic data are included, please be sure to mention somewhere under "Methods" how many participants were excluded because they did not provide informed consent. For example: "Cases and controls for the present study were selected from male CHS participants who had donated DNA samples for storage and provided informed consent for participation in DNA studies (full consent for 92.5% of all CHS participants, partial consent for 95.3% of participants). Individuals were also excluded due to inadequate DNA samples (18/608) or PCR amplification failure (6/590) leaving a total of 584 subjects (193 cases and 391 controls) for analysis." (For the full CHS Genetics Policies, please see Revised Policy for Conducting and Reporting Genetic Research).
  • Minority cohort: The two CHS cohorts include 5888 people; this should be the starting number for analyses. It sometimes requires extra effort to incorporate the minority cohort, since it was added later in the study. Every attempt should be made to do this; if it is impossible to include this cohort, please state the reasons why.
  • Study and funding acknowledgment. (If your paper is from an ancillary study, please also remember to acknowledge the ancillary study grant source).
  • CMS Data cell sizes: If CMS data were used, does the paper include cell sizes greater than 10?  The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Data Use Agreement requires that any publication using CMS data must include cell sizes greater than 10.  For more details about this policy, see the CMS Data Page.


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