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Penultimate Draft Manuscript Review

All manuscripts using unpublished CHS data require review by CHS prior to submission to journal.

All penultimate draft manuscripts should be sufficiently developed for subsequent submission to a journal, although they will undergo review by the Steering Committee and (if applicable) NHLBI prior to release for journal submission.

Penultimate drafts may be submitted at any time using the online submission form on the internal CHS website. 

Average duration of review: 1-2 weeks

Criteria for review: see CHS Reviewer Guidelines

Penultimate Draft Manuscript Review Process:

  • Steering Committee & NHLBI Review: Upon submission, the manuscript will be sent to the Steering Committee for review.  If any author on the paper is an employee of the NHLBI, the paper should also be forwarded (by the lead author) to the NHLBI Project Office for simultaneous review.  If the draft is approved, or provisionally approved with modifications, approval notification and comments, if any, will be communicated to the lead author and any CHS coauthors.  A provisionally approved draft must incorporate the changes required by the Steering Committee; if the writing group disagrees with the requested changes, the chair must submit a written rebuttal to the Committee. A copy of the revised manuscript must be submitted online.
  • Journal submission: Once CHS and NHLBI (if applicable) have approved the manuscript, you may proceed with journal submission. Please notify us via your online record with the name of the journal to which you are sending your CHS manuscript.
  • PubMed Central: Upon journal acceptance it is required that you submit your paper to PubMed Central per the Public Access Policy: Please review these guidelines before you sign a publication agreement or similar copyright transfer agreement, and make sure that the agreement allows your CHS paper to be submitted to the NIH in accordance with the posted guidelines.
  • CHS Notification: Please update your online record whenever the status of your submission changes. 
  • Modifications after submission: It is expected that journals will request additional modifications; unless such modifications will significantly impact the previously approved analyses, no further CHS or NHLBI review is necessary.

(Edited 9/24/2019)

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