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Study Component Schedules: Baseline (1989/90) through Year 4 (1991/92)

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Year 5 (1992/93) through Year 8 (1995/96) (revised)

Year 9 (1997/97) through Year 11 (1998/99) (revised)

Medical and Personal History: Baseline (1989/90) through Year 4 (1991/92)

Medical and Personal History: Year 5 (1992/93) through Year 8 (1995/96)

Medical and Personal History: Year 9 (1997/97) through Year 11 (1998/99)


Procedure BASE Call B YR 3 Call 3 YR 4 Call 4
Tracking Update X X X X X X
Stressful Life Events X X X X X X
Depression Scale X   X   X  
Quality of Life X   X   X  
Social Support and Network X   X   X  
Medications - Prescription X   X   X  
Physical Function: ADL/IADL X   X X X X
Cognitive Function - MMSE X          
    3MSE     X   X  
    Digit Symbol Substitution X   X   X  
    Benton Visual Retention            
Phlebotomy X          
Anthropometry - Weight X   X   X  
    Standing Height X          
    Waist Circumference X          
    Hip Circumference X          
    Arm Span            
Bioelectric Impedance X          
Seated Blood Pressure X   X   X  
Performance Measures: 15-ft Walk X       X  
    Chair Stands X       X  
    Grip Strength X       X  
    Finger Tapping         X  
Nutrition X          
Resting 12-Lead ECG X   X   X  
Physical Activity X          
Supine Ankle-Arm Blood Pressure X          
Orthostatic Blood Pressure X          
Vascular Ultrasound - Carotid X          
Pulmonary Function X          
    Peak Flow            
Six-Minute Walk/Oximetry            
Holter Monitor X          
Cerebral MRI         X  
Echocardiography X          
Spot Urine Collection            
Retinal Photography