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Responsibilities of Writing Group Members

CHS Sponsor Responsibilities:

  • Provide Study/data expertise and guidance.
  • Provide explanation and clarification of CHS policies.
  • Provide access to the internal CHS website.
  • Provide a brief introductory memo for first-time authors to accompany proposal.
  • Ensure that the author has a Data and Materials Distribution Agreement (DMDA) and paper proposal on file before receiving any study data.
  • Participate as a co-author on any paper he/she sponsors; review manuscripts prior to P&P submissions, ensure that CHS is described correctly in the paper.
  • Ensure that the paper is not submitted to a journal until approved by P&P, the Steering Committee and NHLBI.


Writing Chair Responsibilities:

The writing group chair oversees all phases of manuscript preparation, from conception through publication. He/she is required to:

  • Follow-up with additional authors nominated by CHS.
  • Notify co-authors when the analysis and writing begin.
  • Prepare manuscript outlines.
  • Assign tasks to co-authors and ensure that deadlines are met.
  • Ensure that the manuscript has the approval of all co-authors before submitting the penultimate draft to the P&P Committee.
  • Determine the order of authorship on the manuscript based on the effort and contribution made by each author in preparation of the manuscript.
  • Recommend a journal to which the manuscript will be submitted.
  • Handle publication-related correspondence with co-authors, the Coordinating Center, the P&P Committee, NHLBI, and journal editors.


Co-author Responsibilities:

Co-authors are responsible for the timely completion of tasks assigned by the chair and are expected to actively participate in the preparation of the manuscript. If a member does not accomplish the tasks assigned to him/her and has not contributed to the manuscript, he/she may be removed from the writing group. The chair must send a letter to the P&P Committee formally requesting the removal of an inactive member from the writing group.



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