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Modifying Writing Groups

Writing Group modifications do not require CHS review. However, before making any changes to a writing group, authors should consider whether:

  • There is sufficient expertise to analyze the data correctly and complete the manuscript
  • Authorization for data access, if needed, is in place
  • All Writing Group members are made aware of their responsiblities

In addition, the P&P Committee may suggest changing the composition of Writing Groups that fail to produce a manuscript within a reasonable amount of time. When a delay develops, the P&P Committee may contact the Writing Group to determine if author changes are necessary. All manuscripts are subject to automatic withdrawal if there is no reported progress within 3 years of proposal approval.

Disagreements over authorship order or participation that cannot be resolved by the Writing Chair will be resolved by the P&P Committee, with the Steering Committee acting as final arbitrator.


How much review time should be given to coauthors?

A 30-day allotment is generally considered the standard courtesy for large documents such as penultimate draft manuscripts. Shorter documents such as proposals or abstracts should be circulated to co-authors no less than 2 weeks prior to P&P submission.

Can I request the removal of a coauthor?

Yes. If there has been no reply after at least two separate drafts of the document were circulated, it is acceptable to send the delinquent coauthor notification stating that you must assume he/she is unable to participate in the paper and that his/her name will be removed. Please also notify the P&P Committee of this action.

What if a coauthor wishes to resign from the Writing Group?

If a Co-author wishes to voluntarily resign from a Writing Group, the Writing Group Chair must also notify the P&P Committee, indicating whether or not there remains sufficient expertise to complete the paper.



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